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167 North Dargan Street
Florence, SC, 29506
United States

Unicorn Teapot


Unicorn Teapot


Unicorn Teapot

from 150.00 every month for 6 months

I was so excited when I noticed so many people wanted a Unicorn Teapot! They are intricately carved and created. I enjoy making them, so I’ve decided to give you guys a payment option!

The price is $900 for the teapot and $1200 for the Teapot with the tea cups. The payment plans are this: You will be charged $150 once a month for 6 months for JUST the teapot. The other option is $200 once a month for 6 months for the Teapot AND 4 teacups.

You will receive your teapot when the final payment is paid.

Make sure to read over everything carefully, I cannot change you subscription options after you purchase…it’ll all be a giant ball of confusion haha.