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ARt Camp!

Hi guys! We're so excited to host an Art Camp at our studio this summer! We're totally pumped and we hope you guys will enjoy! Below are descriptions of the camps. Click learn more to sign up for the camp.

We're hosting the camp twice this summer, one session in June and the exact same session in July. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Click on the envelop in the right hand corner of this web page if you want to chat! Hope to see you soon!

Abstract Art Week.png

Abstract Art Week

We will focus on fun topics such as Abstract Artists, Splatter painting, Sculpture design, Collage Art and Mask making.

Students will leave with knowing the concepts for abstract art and with useful items to use in their day to day life.

There's one week long session in June and one week long session in July.

cultural Art Week.png

Cultural Arts Week

I'm so excited for cultural art week! We will learn about cultures from all over the world. We have African Art, South American, North American, Asian Art and European Art.

Students will leave with a great information about the influences of art within each culture. They will also have wonderful items to take home and enjoy.

pop Art Week.png

Pop Art Week

Pop Art week will be a blast! We will play with different Artist techniques. We will also try our hand at comic book design and create a group movie!

Students will leave with knowledge about the pop art movement and fun items for daily use.


Life-Like Art Week

This week will be a lot of fun! We will focus on create classic works of Art such as portraits, landscapes, vessels, still life and perspective.

This week is great for those who would like to brush up on their art techniques!